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  • Ground to roof new greenhouse construction
  • Construction consulting
  • Existing greenhouse rebuilds, renovation and repairs **(see below)
  • Structural renovation
  • Shade house construction
  • Glazing replacement (poly, corrugated polycarbonate, and structured twinwall sheets)
  • Energy curtain systems
  • Insect exclusion systems
  • Equipment replacement (all types)
  • Bench systems with expanded metal tops include standard rolling, stationary and rolling palletized benches
  • Column set (for owner-builders)
  • Auger work (for greenhouse foundation piers)
  • Site grading or leveling


It’s inevitable – greenhouses age, the glazing yellows and stops performing, controls get old and don’t function, equipment is inefficient or not up to par. Despite this, the framework is usually good.

We can visit your site, do an inspection and evaluate your needs. We can come up with a comprehensive plan to bring your existing structure(s) up to modern standards just as if it was a new greenhouse.

There is also a huge advantage to fixing up an older structure – there are no permits required in today’s ever-changing building regulations.